Chicago, IL
New Construction


The new school facility accommodates two separate organizations: the day school, Moving Everest Charter School (ME), and the after-school partner / developer of the building, By The Hand Club For Kids (BTHC). Grades K‑8 make up the school’s enrolment with each grade comprising of (90) students, which is further divided into (3) classrooms. ME utilizes a technology assisted blended learning rotation model to enable a more personalized learning experience and lower the student / teacher ratio. Within each classroom (2) teachers facilitate both direct instruction and collaborative activities at the same time while a percentage of students move out to breakout rooms and computer labs for independent study. Breakout rooms and labs are centrally located between the classrooms to facilitate an efficient rotation. The corridor between knits the spaces together with colorful walls / carpet, lower ceiling, playful child height windows and a reading nook.

The project was constructed in two phases (K‑5 elementary school & 6 – 8th grade addition). Both phases were designed, permitted, and built within one calendar year and completed on budget. Moving Everest Charter School is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, collaboration, and construction.