Present Future Architects

Founded in 2009, Present Future Architects is a team of talented architects and designers who care deeply about their contribution to the built environment. We solve problems of the present with an eye towards the future, considering how our responses today impact generations to come. The dichotomy inherent to our name is a representation of the tension we live in and opportunity we have as designers.

Meet Our Team

Today, Present Future Architects is a small studio, but certainly one with a large capacity and a proven track record of meeting our client’s ambitious goals with great attentiveness and determination. We are always looking for new talented individuals to join our growing studio. If you’re interested, please email your CV / portfolio to info@pfa.work.

In 2021 we were excited to officially launch our summer internship program for high schoolers. See bottom of the page for more information.

Joe Buehler

Joe Buehler AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Self-Cert. Architect

Joe’s interest in the pursuit of design excellence’ occurs at the intersection of reality and opportunity (or possibly even the present and future). Real challenges, i.e. inequalities, require thoughtful non-linear responses. Joe’s hope is that Present Future Architects will always embody a sense of curiosity, boldness, optimism, unpredictability, and be a place where the best ideas win.

Hailey Brown

Hailey Brown  AIA

Hailey’s favorite aspect of being a Project Designer with Present Future Architects is making positive, lasting impacts in our communities through the built environment. Every day is about solving problems through architectural solutions that transform our surroundings and working closely with clients to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Dan Tangaro Scan 1x1

Dan Tangaro

Dan believes that Architecture is both a reflection of our values and a projection for how we think the built environment could be. His process includes working within a project’s constraints, finding opportunities to draw out the architectural potential with creative design solutions derived from an iterative and non-linear design process. Both challenging the conventions of the practice while working collaboratively to satisfy the needs of the users, clients, communities, and the environment. 

Jessica Pfeiffer

Jessica Pfeiffer

Jessica has a passion for addressing the demands of architectural expression, environmental responsibility, and solving practical problems through research and design. She also enjoys the visualization side of design, as a means to further explore architecture and graphic representation.

Andy Bossemeyer

Andy Bossemeyer AIA

Andy’s detail oriented nature ensures that all aspects of a design are fully realized within the built form. His understanding of architecture at a multitude of scales, from urban context to localized component, aides in the design and development of cohesive buildings that work for both the individual and the community at large. He measures the success of architecture through the lens of the end user.

Summer Internship for High Schoolers

Are you in high school? Are you interested in pursuing architecture? We have a summer internship program and we’d love for you to apply to the opportunity. Email us at info@pfa.work with a little bit about yourself and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

PFA Website Giselle Henry Scan 220720

Giselle Henry 2022 Intern

Giselle just graduated high school and is heading to Notre Dame this fall to study architecture. Asked if her understanding of the profession changed through her experience with PFA, she replied: Over the course of the internship, I learned that architects have a very direct role in all phases of a project, from initial design to final touches. I realized just how involved architects are and I was encouraged to see that I could do a little bit of everything I love as an architect.” 

Intern headshot

Solomon Rogers 2021 Intern

Solomon is entering his Senior year at Chicago Hope Academy and joined Present Future Architects for a couple weeks in the Summer of 2021. He is an exceptional artist / designer and quick learner. Asked what he enjoyed most from his internship, his response: I enjoyed the atmosphere and different programs that I used, like Sketchup and Photoshop, to help design different things. It was so cool to learn how things worked and what I can do to help.”